The 75 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs & Dog Lovers

#75 – Dogs ’n Wine Stemless Glass Gift Set

These tumblers are perfect to keep on hand for a night spent at home lounging on the couch with some wine and your pup – pure bliss! $29.99 for a set of 4, available here

#74 – This tug toy that helps clean your dog’s teeth

Your dog won’t even know they’re having their teeth brushed! $14.99, available here.


#73 – This Key Ring That “Unlocks” a Second Chance for a Shelter Dog

#72 – An adorable doormat that tells guests how you feel about dogs!


#71 – These pawdorable solar paw lights.

We all know it- dogs light up our lives! Put these cute lights in your garden to enjoy year around. Warning, sell out risk very high! $19.99, available here.


#70 – An embroidered “Santa Paws” stocking with your dog’s name!

Our pups deserve a Christmas stocking as paw-dorable as they are! This beautifully personalized stocking will hold a good amount of stuffers for your sweet pup. $24.99, available here. Please allow 1-2 weeks production time!



#69 – Dog Treat Advent Calendar – Start a new tradition your pup will love!

#68 – Snuggle Pups Warm ‘n Cozy Slipper Socks

These sherpa lined slipper socks will keep your feet nice and warm, even on the coldest of days! Features non-slip silicone rubber grips on the soles. $14.99, available here. 

#67 – Your dog’s silly nickname on a collar!

These durable nylon collars are great to show off your dog’s unique personality. $14.99, available here. 

#66 – “Every Snack You Make” Clothing Collection


#65 – Pawdorable Dog Themed Home Storage bins

Great for storing dog toys, book, magazines, and more! $12.99, available here. 

#64 – GreaterGood Donation – $1 and up

Looking to buy a gift for someone who has everything? Or maybe the gift recipient is living a minimalist lifestyle? This is the perfect option. A donation to GreaterGood.

#63 – Embroidered Flannel Tops – Available in 8 styles!

#62 – Patriotic Pet Apparel – Every Purchase Feeds Shelter Dogs!

#61 – Personalize These Christmas Ornaments with Your Dog’s Name!

#60 – A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Artisan Tree Topper (Limited Edition: Only 500 Made)

This beautiful holiday decoration is actually a miracle for an entire shelter. That’s because every one purchased provides 30 meals to shelter dogs. $29.99, available here. 


#59 – The Gift That Gives DOUBLE! When you buy this fleece blanket, another one is donated to a shelter dog!


#58 – Holiday Plaid Bandanas Customized with Your Dog’s Name

Your dog will look completely pawdorable in his or her very own, personalized festive plaid bandana, featuring a cute bone where your sweet pup’s name will be embroidered! $19.99, available here. 


#57 – This genius wand that practically erases your dog’s fur!

Just wave the wand on clothing or furniture, and watch is remove the fur. Then place the wand inside and base and walla! the fur is gone! $14.99, available here. 


#56 -These personalized “Dog Mom” varsity long sleeve shirts, complete with your dog(s) names!

Our most popular fall and winter top! Put your pup’s names on this adorable top. Note, items are made to order so get your order in ASAP! $29.99, available here. 



#55 Cozy Embroidered Microfleece Jackets, Available for Women or Men

#54 – A festive and pardonable Christmas garden flag

Oh no, this one already sold out, but you can click here to join the waitlist. $14.99 or 2 for $25

#53 – This hilarious hat

This funny hat turns heads everywhere! Perfect for that one friend. Or yourself! $14.99, available here. 


#52 – Cozy Nightshirts – Available in 30 Designs

#51 – “I Hear You in The Wind” Memorial Wind Chime

Christmas is a time that brings back wonderful memories, but some of them are bittersweet. This adorable wind chime will make you think of your sweet pup every time you hear it! $14.99, available here. 


#50 – This Oddball Toy That Tough Chewing Dogs Love

The AgriChew has a fascinating story, it was accidentally discovered as a popular toy from a piece of farming equipment. Its unique shape makes it easy for dogs to handle, and its tough surface makes an excellent and durable chew toy. Get on the waitlist if it’s out of stock – we often run out of this super popular toy!

#49 – A personalized ugly Christmas sweater with your dog(s) names!

This adorable hand drawn ugly Christmas sweater is so popular that we sold hundreds of them in July! Note, because this item is made to order we recommend placing your order asap! $24.99, available here. 


#48 – This ‘Wing Ring’, Which Provides Life-Saving Transports to Shelter Pets

For every purchase of this stylish wing ring, you’ll fund 4 miles of air or ground transport for shelter pets. These transports move them from kill shelters to safety.

#47 – The Perfect “Toy” for an Anxious Pup

If your pup spends part of the day away from you, odds are they crave your smell. In fact, its been found that your smell has a calming effect on your dog. This toy, known as the Comfort Cuddler, allows you to leave a small article of clothing or your pillow case with your dog.

#46 – The Ultimate Shirt for Wine Lovers & Animal Rescue Supporters!

#45 – Relief for Itchy Dogs

Do you know someone who’s dog suffers from itchy dry skin or allergies? Often dogs with allergic skin disease are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. These popular krill based soft chews might offer a big relief.

#44 – This “Every Dog Matters” garden flag that went viral!

Oh no, this one already sold out, but you can click here to join the waitlist

You may have already seen some of our Every Dog Matters™ products on Facebook. They’ve been shared and purchased by nearly 100,000 supporters! $14.99, available here. 

#43 – Your dog’s very own sock monkey!

We can barely keep these adorable toys in stock! Warning, sell out risk very high. $12.99, available here.

#42 – Wine gift bags for dog people

Oh no, this one already sold out! To get on the waitlist, click here. $3.99 0r 3 for $9.99.

#41 – Canvas Totes for $8

These adorable, everyday totes are available in 4 cute dog designs for only $8 each!


#40 – This Rubber Bone That Brushes Your Dog’s Teeth

#39 – Coffee for a Cause: Every Cup Provides a Meal for a Shelter Pup!

The Coffee is Now Also Available in K-Cups – Every pod feeds a pup!

#38 – The Always by My Heart Ring, Reminding You of Your Pup

#37 – Canvas Scroll Signs with Cute Dog Designs

$12.99 each, available here. 

#36 – Hide & Hunt Toys! Raccoon + Dumpster Toys & Skunk + Flower Pot Toys

#35 – Dog Carrier Slings with Aromatherapy – Great for seniors or anxious pups!

#34 – A Delicious (and healthy) Bone Broth Food Additive for Senior Dogs

#33 – This *Free* Sticker That Lets First Responders Know There’s a Pet in Your Home

#32 – Every Dog’s Favorite High-Protein Treat… Bully Sticks

#31 – Christmas Cookie Treats for Your Dog!

Sweet Potato, White Turkey Meat, Cranberry Baked Treats. $5.50 each, available here.

#30 – The Sniff Diggy Nose Work Mat – Hide Treats Inside and Watch Your Dog Go Nuts!

Keep your dog’s brain active and engaged with this fun toy! $24.99, available here.

#29 – Treats So Wholesome You Could Share them with Your Pup!

Have you heard the buzz about Riley’s? Several flavors available. From $10.99, available here.


#28 – Second Chance Movement™ Bracelet – Saves Pets From Death Row!

#27 – Rainbow Bridge Lava Memorial Bracelet – Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs in Memory of Your Pup

#26 – Snout Balm for Those Dry, Crusty Noses Our Pups Get

#25 – This Stylish Varsity Long Sleeve Shirt with the Popular Phrase “Every Dog Matters”

#24 – Garden Flags with Cute Sayings

#23 – New 1000 mg CBD for larger dogs!

CBD offers unparalleled relief for joint pain and anxiety. Now available in 1000mg for larger dogs or multi-dog households!

#22 – These adorable fleece blankets. For every blanket sold, one is donated to shelters!

Available in several cute patterns and designs. From $34.99

#21 – These Irresistible Yak Cheese Chews Dogs Go Crazy For

#20 – Shredder’s Surprise Ghost Duck – A Toy within a Toy!

#19 – Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Shirts for 60+ Dog Breeds

#18 – Memorial Bracelet Gift Pack – Perfect for Someone Who Recently Lost a Pet

#17 – Personalized Mugs with Your Dog’s Name!

#16 – Fuzzy Paw Gloves

#15 – A Personalized Memorial Christmas Ornament – Know someone who lost a pup this year? This makes a heartfelt gift.

#14 – Breed Specific USA Flag Shirts – Available for 60+ Breeds

#13 – Teach Your Dog to Brush Their Own Teeth with This Rubber Brushing Stick!

#12 – Breed Specific Ornaments – Choose from 60+ Breeds!

#11 – Give your dog the gift of calm and pain-free movement!

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t yet heard of the benefits of CBD for dogs. The only brand we use here at iHeartDogs is Cannoning. We expect it them to sell very quickly this holiday season! $44.99 to 64.99, available here. 

#10 – Our Popular New Varsity Slouchy Hoodie Collection

#9 – Second Chance Movement Paracord Bracelet – Each One Sold Funds 4 Miles of Life-Saving Shelter Transports!

#8 – Desert Camo Paracord Bronze Flag Bracelet: Helps Pair Veterans with a Service Dog or Shelter Dog

#7 – This adorable new design that went viral on our Facebook page!

Available in 7 different clothing styles, starting at $24.99

#6 – Matching Dog Collar & Bracelet That Supports Veterans with PTSD – Each purchase helps fund a service dog for a wounded vet!

#5 – This Sterling Silver Necklace or Bracelet with Story Card

Every single day, our dogs bring us joy. This beautifully crafted piece of jewelry comes complete with a poem card. The perfect gift! Warning, sell out risk very high. $41.00 bracelet, $42 necklace.


#4 – This Life Saving Sterling Silver Bracelet – Every Purchase Funds 10 Miles of Transport, Moving Shelter Pets from Kill Shelters to Safety!

#3 – Adorable Dog Socks! Pick 5 Pairs for $25

#2 – Reusable Grocery Bags – Save Shelters Dogs & the Planet!

#1 – These ultra-cozy fleece blankets with your dog’s name on it! But there’s also a heartwarming twist…

For every one of these fleece dog blankets sold, iHeartDogs will donate one to a shelter dog in need! Note: due to ultra-high demand, your dog’s blanket will take anywhere from 2 to 7 days to make. Please don’t delay and get your order in ASAP! We will likely have to stop taking orders around Thanksgiving so we can fulfill demand. $29.99, available here.  

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