Rip the 8-Week-Old Yellow Lab Puppy!


Meet Rip, our 8-week-old yellow Lab puppy!

I have such big goals for the little guy, but for now I will try to just enjoy the puppy stage!

We are in the thick of potty training and kennel training (and learning not to squeal when you want something! haha).

Yellow Lab puppy Rip
Yellow Lab puppy

So far Rip is a confident little puppy, curious about the world and not afraid of anything.

He seems fairly laid back other than the normal puppy wild spells! He does a lot of sleeping, which saves our sanity. (Turns out, weims are not normal puppies. Remy never slept at all.)

But Remy has been so gentle and tolerant of the new guy and seems to enjoy his buddy for the most part.

And Rip loves his big brother.

Weimaraner and Lab puppy
Rip and me!

I flew to Minneapolis to pick him up, and he flew back with me in the cabin. I’ll have an article soon on how that went! (Pretty well!)

Rip didn’t even cry the first night home, and I was so impressed! There was a normal amount of “protesting” on nights two through four, though. And I pretty much assume I’ll be getting up at 5am for awhile.

I’ll have lots of puppy updates and you can see more posts on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

-Lindsay, Remy & puppy Rip

Yellow Lab puppy, Rip


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Rip the 8-Week-Old Yellow Lab Puppy!

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