Foster Dog Raises Two Needy Kittens With Her Own Litter

The biological drive for a mother to nurture can be remarkably strong. Even stronger is the need for newborns to find a protector. These powerful natural forces led to the world’s cutest miracle in Evansville, Indiana this winter.

A woman called It Takes A Village No-Kill Rescue in January hoping to hand off Sudie, a 5-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She had gotten Sudie from a neighbor, not knowing the dog was pregnant. Tessa McCauley, an officer manager for ITV, gladly took the pup in to her already foster-friendly home.

Sudie’s three puppies were born hours apart on February 5th. At the same time, McCauley heard about two newborn kittens whose mother was medically unable to nurse due to surgery. She didn’t think twice about taking them in too.


McCauley hoped the mothering dog would also provide nurture to the tiny kitties, but had no idea what would ultimately happen.

Everything worked out like a dream. After gradual introduction, the kittens began snuggling up to Sudie, and she welcomed them into her little family. Just look at this picture!


The fourth puppy is also a foster and not one of Sudie’s own babies. McCauley had previously been bottle feeding him. What a sweet little mama with so much love to give!

McCauley used to work as a zookeeper at Mesker Park Zoo, so she’s seen all kinds of animal behavior.

“When animals have babies they have some pretty strong maternal instincts. I was hoping Sudie would let the kittens nurse, but it’s more about just having that maternal presence — a warm, nurturing place for them to be.”

The kittens also consume kitten-specific formula for their development. Each baby, canine and feline, gets weighed daily. They’re very well looked after!

“The McCauley Zoo”

Clearly, McCauley has a passion for all animals, and her husband Sean loves that about her too. He originally proposed to her at the zoo where she used to work about 10 years ago. Caring for animals has really been a family affair, he told Courier & Press.

“We’ve had geriatric dogs, and we’ve had puppies born in our house. It’s pretty valuable for the kids to see that natural life cycle. When new animals come, for us it’s like Christmas.”

For the next several months, Sudie will remain under the McCauley’s care as the babies continue to grow.


Fortunately, one person’s unwanted pregnant dog is another person’s little at-home miracle! Follow It Takes A Village for updates on the availability of all these animals.

H/T: Courier & Press
Featured Image: @itvrescue/Facebook

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