Dog Training

How Much Exercise Does a Weimaraner Need?

[] How much exercise does a weimaraner need? A lot! Weimaraners are extremely high-energy dogs (generally). Not quite as much energy as a working border collie. Way more energy than most Labs, German shepherds or golden retrievers. It also depends on the individual dog, though. There are calm, lower-energy weimaraners. But most are very high-energy […]

Good Dog Trainers Vs. Bad Dog Trainers

[] On “graduation day” of our Puppy Kindergarten class, my weimaraner puppy snatched our “graduation” certificate from the trainer’s hands and shredded it. Right there in front of everyone. She still passed us. “Sporting breeds are slow to mature,” she said, trying to reassure me. I really appreciated her for saying that. A few months […]

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